a break away // conference staycation

A couple of weeks ago (three now?), we had tickets to go to the G3 Conference in Atlanta, Georgia. My in-laws had kindly agreed to keep the kiddos, so we bought new tires and everything to go on a long road trip. The day we were prepping to leave, that gigantic winter storm rolled in and we ended up being snowed/iced in at home instead of traveling as we intended to. 

But God knows everything, and the morning we were supposed to be traveling to Atlanta, the city had iced over and had 93 car wrecks in 11 hours (and all the airports shut down too!). So the Lord's definitive answer was "no" for us at every turn, in spite of all we had planned. We felt kind of disappointed that our trip was cancelled, but we knew it wasn't in our control.

I have to tell you this story though: just weeks before, at the very moment we were about to book our airline tickets, we both felt really uncertain about the flying we had previously been set on. So rather than hitting the book button, we decided to stop and pray to ask God for wisdom. A minute after we were done praying we both felt sure we should drive instead of fly. Come to find out later, the Lord's provision was planned far in advance and we didn't lose a penny on travel costs because of the help and instruction of the Holy Spirit! :)

As soon as we realized we couldn't make it because of the storm, we cancelled our Atlanta hotel. Since Robert's parents had already bought the groceries and arranged for everything, they encouraged us to bring the kids when the ice cleared and go somewhere close by to stay! It was the BEST idea ever. 

We booked a room about two hours away at our favorite hotel, and we had the most fantastic and restful time.

We mostly stayed in, and once we started watching the conference online we realized it would have been much tougher to restrain a rowdy 6-month-old in a big convention center church setup. Instead of keeping her quiet with people all around, we had the chance to watch it in the privacy of our hotel in a big cushy bed while the baby played. It was awesome. :D

Here is the view we had- one of the very best in all of Texas, if you ask me! The dock below is where he proposed again for our 10th anniversary (it was so sweet and romantic!):

We also had breakfast made for us every morning in the restaurant. What a blessing it was to rest and not put much effort into anything! (ha!)

One night we went out for Indian food at a place in Allen called Spice Creations, and it was delicious! We had chicken korma, chicken kebabs, garlic naan, and khichdi:

I had a gift card so we wandered into Anthro at NorthPark after we ate. I didn't need or find anything (I was looking for a pair of good sandals with it!), but that store is just so lovely a trip there is like going to the park or something. :D

One thing we did find was a good hiking/travel pack for a trip we hope to take soon. I felt like a real backpacker! :D I can't wait to use it again:

By the time we arrived back home, our crazy Texas weather went completely in the opposite direction:

After that weekend, we came home even more certain of this: the weather is in His hands, as are all of our plans. And He always knows what's better for us, even when we can't see it at first. :)

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