an almost there weekend + goals for this week

it snowed again this weekend for just a minute!

After two weekends of sickness in a row, this last weekend was wonderfully uneventful. :) Most of us had colds two weeks ago (which I think turned into bronchitis for me the second week!), and then one weekend ago I ended up in the ER with the worst case of mastitis I've ever had. After more than two weeks of feeling kind of terrible and fatigued, I took my last antibiotic Sunday afternoon and am excited I'm finally starting to feel more like myself again! :)

On Saturday, I felt so thankful to get a run in after more than a week off from working out. I have to say, there is nothing more motivating to run to than the Olympic games:

All the effort they put in is just incredible. If they can do years of training, surely I can run for a mere 30 minutes, right? :)

After church on Sunday most of us took a nap, and then we had a quiet day of rest. The kids played while we read and talked on the sofa:

The little kids played too: :)

The grocery bill for that growing crew of kiddos is driving me to get our shopping budget back in shape. On Friday afternoon I made a loaf of bread, and I'm thinking we need to bring this habit back asap... 

In addition to making more bread this week :), here are a few of my other goals if the Lord allows me to accomplish them:

Bible reading (daily)
pray alone (daily)
exercise or stretch (crosstrain 2x, run 3x, free day/stretch 2x)
listen to worship music 3-5x
Scripture journal 2x

finish sorting leftover toiletries from bathroom cleanout
mop floors
clean out 2 kitchen drawers
plan meals from current stock
make bread 3x in breadmaker

get car aligned

kids recite Psalm 27:1-4
bake Valentine's cupcakes with kids + decorate
exercise activity for entire family
kids- walk/run 1 mile (24 laps around the outside of the house)

study/ prep/ film Sweet Gospel Week 11
edit 1 video for YouTube (or have the boys do it)
post update on new curriculum

I hope you have a great (and healthy!) week! :)


  1. Sorry to hear about your mastitis....every time I feel like mastitis *might* be coming on I take Soy or Sunflower Lecithin and it has *really* helped. In additon, I have just taken it regularly as a preventative to keep everything flowing smoothly and lessen any lumpy spots.

    1. oh thank you! that's good to know!! I'm feeling extra cautious now! Is the lecithin a liquid?

  2. We recently started using my mother-in-law's old bread maker and it works like a dream. I can definitely see it being a blessing to our rapidly growing family over the upcoming years.
    I look forward to reading your update on your new homeschooling curriculum. We are going to be starting our home school journey with my eldest daughter this fall and I'm in major research mode.


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