I bet they didn't see this coming + random friday thoughts

It's both Friday and Groundhog Day, so I figure if there's ever a time to share random thoughts it's today. :)

1. I wonder if Walmart ever expected people to be this serious about pick-up? I almost felt guilty when three employees came out to unload it all for us. :) Believe it or not, we managed to avoid Sam's Club for six weeks; quite the feat for our family. When we finally made it back to Sam's last week, we found out our friends there thought we might have moved. :)

2. This quote by Horatius Bonar in The Shaping of a Christian Family by Elisabeth Elliot gave me pause...

After reading that, I felt inspired to plan more of my day and work with more zeal. And though I don't want to be uptight and stressed out, I would like be on time more often. :)

3. The house grew quiet yesterday, so I went to investigate and found all 7 kids watching their dad repair the sprinkler outside. These are the sweetest days... :) 

4. I haven't seen the sunrise from anywhere but my bed in some time, yet this week sleep failed me and I saw both the lunar eclipse and the sunrise (on different days!). I forgot how beautiful the morning sky is:

I do hope to see many more sunrises once the baby starts sleeping more than two hours at a time. :) But many are the plans in a man's heart, right? Sometimes the Lord makes your sleep-deprived self wake up anyway so you can have some sweet time to talk with Him. Sleeplessness was a gift from God this morning. :)

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