MasterBooks curriculum review + pictures

Last June we switched to a computer-based curriculum, and after six months of using it, I was feeling pretty certain it wasn't a good fit for us as a family. I liked the affordable price and the independent style of the work, but it was difficult for the younger kids and I had a hard time monitoring how well they were all doing with it each day. 

We talked over the options at the midyear point: we could pick a new math curriculum for the children, or possibly go with another printed workbook system where we could easily see how they were doing with each question. We definitely knew we didn't want to spend a ton of money since we'd already purchased so much for this grade year. 

After going back and forth about it, I prayed that the Lord would help us make the right decision, and that we would be wise and know whether we should stick it out or if He would help us find a new curriculum that would work better for the children.

Not long after that, I hopped back online to look at my cart of curriculum ideas when I saw a recommendation below it for a Masterbooks worktext (at a really good price!). I had never even heard of MasterBooks before, but when I looked it up and saw what they were all about, I felt like the Lord had led me to them and that this workbook style was the answer to my prayers. (literally!)

After showing it to Robert and telling him all about it the next morning, he liked it and thought it would be worth trying too. It was really affordable, so we ordered an entire set for each of the five oldest kids about three weeks ago. It was an exciting day at our house when the boxes arrived!

Just to give you an idea of what the daily work looks like, here is our 5th grader's Apologetics question:

And here is an exam question for our 8th grader:

Can you see why I LOVE this program? I have never seen a more Gospel-centered, evangelistic curriculum!! :) In our 7th grader's math, he was instructed to copy down verses from Hebrews and Jeremiah while studying how math points us to an Almighty Creator.

Each workbook lists the assignments for the day, and most of the "textbooks" are books my kids would read for fun:

8th grade Christian History

7th grade science

This kind of schoolwork makes me more excited about homeschooling than I have ever been in my life! We have a lot more daily questions to answer, and a lot more grading to do, but I love it so far.  I really enjoyed the style of Classical Conversations and this feels similar to their big-picture style of learning (especially Challenge in regard to apologetics), but simpler with all their printable work, answer keys, and lesson plans in one book to make it easier for me as the teacher. :)

I am not good at homeschooling. I would say it is definitely not my area of special gifting, but God put it in the hearts of this publishing company to write a God-centered, simple curriculum I could only dream of putting together on my own. Of course I've only used it for two weeks, but I'm excited because this is the kind of thing I want to teach them about the most. I couldn't be more thrilled to find something that makes it possible- even easy- for someone like me to help them learn this way during this stage of having littles, preteens, and teenagers all at once.

Homeschooling is one of the hardest things I've ever done. It challenges my patience (daily) and sometimes even brings me to tears, but year after year, I see more of how God helps us, guides us, and never leaves us to fend for ourselves! How kindly He leads us when we seek Him! Oh, that every single thing we learn and every single thing we do would be for the glory of God! What a blessing it is to freely be able to learn about Him together all day.

This review was in no way facilitated by or paid for by MasterBooks. I just wanted to share what the Lord found for us. I had no idea it even existed until last month! :)


  1. Thanks Mandy! I am going to try the mastering math , it looks great and exactly the style that we like teaching as well!
    Parksville ,Canada

    1. Oh awesome, Heather! I hope it works for you guys!!

  2. Mandy, I loved your review!! Our family has enjoyed MasterBooks for several years and I'm so thankful for it! My 9th grader is now utilizing "My Father's World," but I plan to keep up with MasterBooks (for the most part) for my 4 younger children. Packed with scripture and very "simple" for us busy mamas. Blessings!

    1. I can't believe I missed them all these years!! I've heard great things about MFW too, though I've never used it! Yay for simple!! It's such a relief!

  3. I suppose your 8th grader didn't mention 'mass slaughter and disease transmission' in his answer to 'how to convert the Native Americans'...

  4. Thanks for the review!!! I just bought some new stuff mid-year too! HAHAHAH! I am liking our stuff as well. I am going to look into Masterbooks!!!!

    1. I thought you had switched to Classical Conversations. Did you enjoy it?

    2. Oh yay- I'm so glad you're liking it! What did you guys go with?

      @Kelly- I am not sure if you're asking me :) but we were in CC last year and enjoyed it, but it was too tough for me to keep up with so many different grades and three littles, especially with two in different Challenge classes needing my help. So we stayed home and did a few CC things on our own for a few months of this school year. I miss the style, friends, and the accountability!

  5. Hi, I was wondering if you would mind sharing what 'on-line/computer based' program you used before? We have been enrolled w/on-line virtual schools for some time and are considering switching to a non-public school computer based program. Wanting to check all the options and since you utilized one in the past, thought I'd ask what it was. Thanks in advance. The Master Books looks enticing too. It's going on my list of things to check into.
    Thanks so much.

  6. Thank you for the helpful information!

  7. I'm considering a switch for next year. I like the look of Master books but I'm wondering what they use for a reading curriculum for 3rd graders? Thanks.


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