our v-day, a special moment + goals

How is February almost over? I don't know how it happens. We had a great Valentine's Day as a family last week! I made cinnamon rolls (from a can) in a heart shape for breakfast:

And then we had a little exchange. :) When I was a kid, we made Valentine's mailboxes for our school party, so we did our own homemade/homeschooling version this year. The kids had fun putting each other's cards into their boxes: 

I didn't make a box, but the kids found a basket to deliver ours to: :)

I had no idea they made presents for each other! Noah made rainbow crayons for the little kids using his sister's hair dryer:

And Ava made me a necklace!! I think she used a tag from something we bought, and a few stones and beads she had! I loved it!

Noah made the girls bracelets for their dolls:

We did school, filmed the video for last week, and then we went to lunch together as a family and dropped the kids off at my dad's. I love that Papa gave his girls Valentine candy: :) 

They were SO excited. :) I remember my dad doing the same for me when I was little! It was super special. :) We had the chance to grab some coffee alone, then we went back home to work, and back out for a quick dinner with just the baby. It was so nice to have a few hours of quiet and a chance to go out on a date!! :)

My mom came to visit and our weekend flew by in a happy blur. A new week begins so quickly around here! Does it for you too? Our days feel very full right now!

Here are my goals for this week if the Lord allows them to happen:

Bible reading (daily)
pray alone (daily)
exercise or stretch (crosstrain 2x, run 3x, free day/stretch 2x)
listen to 1 sermon
practice 20 minutes a day
read 1 hour/week

sweep under couches + mop floors (1x week as a family)
clean master shower
inventory freezer + make a list
finish cleaning out 2 kitchen drawers (didn't finish this one yet, I did about 1/2 of each!)
make bread 3x in breadmaker (the kids are doing this one now!)
reorganize linen closet
change sheets

get car aligned
pick up Walmart order
return library books

kids recite Psalm 27:5-6
kids- walk/run 1 mile (2x week)+  40 high knees / 30 jumping jacks / 20 squats/ 10 walkout worms M-F 

study/ prep/ film Sweet Gospel Week 13
edit 1 video for YouTube (I haven't done this yet)
blog 3x
write email

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