another teenager in our house

I can't believe this guy turned 13 last weekend:

Birthdays keep getting more and more interesting around here with every passing year. As part of his gift, Elijah made Noah a treasure hunt by hiding these clues all over the house:

I don't know how he came up with them, but here was one of the last ones that led Noah to find Heidi on the shelf:

I was super impressed with his treasure clue skills. :) The hunt was even fun to watch!

Two teenagers!! They told me it would go fast, and it is.

Before you know it, the boys will both have mustaches like this:

Oh, the laughs we got from the costumes my dad gave Noah. I haven't laughed that hard in a long time! :) It kills me. He's the perfect 80's movie police officer!! :)

After his dinner of choice (chicken, mashed potatoes, and salad), we watched the premiere of their latest film, The Greatest Love (Not A Romance Story):

This one was almost exclusively an action film where the main character gives his life for the princess (John 15:13). There was no romance involved, the boys assured us before it started. ;)

We're venturing into new territory with another teenager in the house. The jokes and the appetites are both endless. :)

One thing is for sure: life around here is never dull. :) We are thankful for this guy and the love and care he shows for everyone around him. What a blessing Noah is to us!!


  1. You seem to be a very sweet lady with a wonderful attitude and personality. Everything just always seems so perfect, almost unattainable. Even your pictures of messes aren't that messy!

  2. We are entering the ‘2 teenager’ territory too, for us it’s this coming weekend. It’s funny, but I don’t feel that old!!

    But blessings abound, and I’m really enjoying watching these boys grow in to fine young men.

    Gosh, us mums are blessed aren’t we.


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