a day of recovery + goals this week

a new morning feels so good.
After a busy weekend hosting two dinner parties and attending a college graduation, we unintentionally took Monday completely off. It felt so great! :) My to-do list was still waiting for me today, but I felt much more capable of tackling it after a day of recovery.

Here's a glimpse of what I would like to do this week, if the Lord allows:

read my Bible (usually with kids present) + pray (with kids present + alone) daily
blog 3x
exercise 5-6 hours
go on one family walk 
work on Mother's Day gifts
order wood for house projects
buy bamboo + construct bamboo trellis for garden
buy paint for den
practice music 15 min/day
clean house (focused) 30 min/day

Tomorrow, Lord-willing, I'll be sharing the introduction to the Just Open the Door Bible study, if you want to come along with me! (Week 1 will officially start on May 16, so you won't need a book until around then). I plan to do a shorter live video on Facebook Live tomorrow (Wednesday) at 12 p.m. if you want to join me. I would love to see you there!! :)

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